Man, packing is hard. I think I’ve been packing since February. I packed to leave my apartment that I lived in for over two years. I packed to live in a friend’s basement for about two weeks before I could get into my new, temporary place. I packed up that place, and moved again to live on an air mattress at a friends new apartment. I’ve been living out a suitcase for about 3 weeks and am getting ready to live out of another bag for 5 weeks. Is this what a vagabond feels like?

I’ve got this 85 liter pack that is already filled. 5 weeks in two different climates is not easy to pack. It’s been chilly and rainy in England and Ireland these past few weeks and completely gorgeous in Croatia. What do you pack? More importantly, how do you fit it all? I also have a wedding to pack for. That means 2 dresses and at lease one pair of heels. So much to plan for! Not to mention the work out clothes I’d like to bring.

I got an 85 liter pack from REI. (It’s only sold there). It has a detachable daypack that is 10 of the 85 liters.


I’m not only packing that pack, I’m also moving home the last of my things clothes from Chicago. It seems a little stressful, but I’m sure it will all get done.


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