Where it all started.

I spent my sophomore year of college in Ireland. I lived with 4 other Irish ladies, but had me Saint Mary’s friends as neighbors. I spent that year making friends, learning about myself, and all around having a blast. Among all the fun, I did a lot of traveling. I’ve been to Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, Spain, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Monaco, Italy, Austria, and Germany. I have been so incredibly lucky to go overseas a few times and explore and learn something new each time. Thus, my love for travel and adventure.

My grandma is from Bristol, England. This year she said she wanted to take a girls’s trip back to her home. I immediately said yes. I got a second job to help support my time there and began to research (along with my mom). A few weeks after my grandma mentioned the trip, I was invited to a wedding in Ireland for a girl that I was good friends with while I lived there. I was lucky that the timing was right on!. Two girls I studied with would also be coming back to Ireland to celebrate our friend’s wedding as well. After giving it some thought, I wanted to keep traveling after the wedding. I wanted to go places I had missed the other times I went to Europe. I was lucky enough to get my friend Kirsten to jump on board. The funny thing is, that her and I spent 6 weeks traveling together when we were 19/20 years old and almost 10 years later, her and I were going to go on a 5 week adventure.

We picked Italy after Ireland because we missed the Sistine Chapel. Somehow in our planning of Italy, we mixed up days and missed some of the most important parts of the Vatican. We had to make it up!. Then we decided to go to Croatia. Croatia conveniently has day trips to beautiful Bosnia and Montenego. This part of the trip will be a little relaxed. My friend Jeremy flies into Dubrovnik from Chicago to take on part of Croatia with Kristen and I. After Dubrovnik, we head to the beaches of Korcula and Hvar for a week to get some needed R&R. After that, we head up to Split where my friend Jessie from home flies in, Zadar, where Jeremy leaves to go to Prague with our friend Mandy, Plitvice Lakes, and Zagreb. Kirsten leaves me at that point and I meet back up with Jeremy and my friend Mandy joins in Budapest.

It’s going to be a crazy, awesome summer, and I can’t wait!


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