The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

We made it! When starting our trip at Indianapolis’ Airport we hit a hiccup right off. Our flight to Chicago was cancelled because of stormy weather. Luckily it was cancelled right as we were checking in, so the guy was able to quickly reroute us to Newark and then to Heathrow. We had to wait an extra hour. That hour was filled with two craft beers and some conversation on how to get us sitting together on the London flight. Mom and j had spent hours trying to find flights that matched up and picking seats. So, when pur principal plan was changed because of storms, all that hard work went down the drain. We were split up on the Newark flight, but mom and Igot exit rows together and Erica and my grandma got to sit together. It was all working out….two things about exit rows- 1. More leg room! 1. They don’t recline. It felt like we were flying on a Chinese restaurant booth. You know what I mean? All those straight back chairs and booths that aren’t comfortable at all made outer o weight flight kind of miserable. Also, homeboy on the P.A. System loved to hear himself talk. He kept interrupting my movie, Guilt trip. Oh, and when were on our Newark flight, I was watching Bad Teacher on my iPad and things got very awkward when she went in for the boob job consultation. I was all like pleasedontlookatmyscreenomgsoembarrassing.

We rented a car…I made my mom drive first. We were very lucky to get to the place we are staying without getting in a wreck. Driving on the other side of the road is scary!

We went to the store and got groceries and picked some clothes up for my cousin. We are hoping her bag gets here soon. My mom and I went and checked out “the spa”. I swam about 500 yards, sat in the hot tub and read the book It Only Gets Worse, and learned how to use the sauna and steam room.

We went to bed kind if early. Jet lag had finally set in.

I have my Flickr feed posting pictures as we go. I’ll try to do a picture post soon.



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