Wales, Oxford, and the beginning of London

We did a lot of family research in Wales. My grandma’s father was from Blaina. We walked a few cemetery’s trying to find her grandfather’s and great grandfather’s graves. Many of the site were over run with tall grass, and stones that had been knocked over or dilapidated.




We did end up at one cemetery that held promise. It was much easier to search because it was actually maintained.


The only grave stones we found were my great grandfather’s. we only found that after enlisting the help of my (now deceased) great uncle’s wife.

The next day, I left Wales and headed to Oxford for a day to meet friends. It was really wonderful to spend time with them. We laughed a lot and even went on a trail run along the Thames.





I left them around 5 to catch a bus to London to meet back up with my family. I thought I was prepared to find the place we were staying. I had the address, and the bus was supposed to have wifi so I could google where it was to my heart’s content. It turns out that the bus didn’t have wifi. The bus also took a whole hour longer than expected. So, communication about where I was and when I would get to the flat we were staying at was non- existent. I had googled the direction of where I should be and even took a screen shot before I left, but that only got me so far. When I got to a place with some free wifi, I jumped on google maps and types in the address. Surprise!!!! Nothing found. It kept wanting to send me to a Holiday Inn or completely across town. Where was this mythical Nightingale House I was supposed to be staying at? I asked some servers at the restaurant if they knew where Thomas More street was. They were clueless. So, I googled it. I found it and started walking. At this point I had been walking for an hour and a half with a 40lb pack (the green monster) on my back. I walked that whole frakin’ street and found nothing. Zilch. I was upset. Now I was at 2 1/2 hours with the green monster and no end in sight. So, I walked back to the restaurant where I found the wifi and emailed the guy that set us up with the flat (no one was answering my texts back at the flat because they were not there. They were out on a walk, rather than worrying if I got there. It’s fine.) I also put up an S.O.S. on Facebook.

I finally got into talks with the guy who was helping us out and he gave me walking directions from the free wifi restaurant. 10 minutes later, I was still upset but in a creepy elevator on my way up to out flat.


We are here. And, good morning, London!


P.S. that’s not the first time I’ve been lost in London. Last time was a little more dramatic because of the missing persons report that was filed. But, that’s another story for an other time.


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