London, Dublin, and a Galway Wedding

We finished London with a few sights, some pizza, and some pints down at some ancient pubs on the River Thames.




The next day, we flew to Ireland.

Ireland holds a special place in my heart. I never thought I’d go abroad until I found a study abroad program in the Green Isle. I was a little reluctant to go. The thought of leaving the friends I’d made my first year of college and quitting the basketball team was a little scary to me. But, I bit the bullet and went. It was the best decision I ever made. Seriously. This is much bigger than the best decision ever made was to bring flip flops to change into, or the best decision ever made was to get the grilled cheese and bacon over the ham and cheese. It really was the best decision.

I walked (more like dragged to the gate) out of Ireland with friends that I would have for a lifetime, not only from my program, but my Irish roommates and other Irish people I had met. Hence the wedding I was invited to.

Although I had an England trip planned with family before I got the wedding invite, I had planned to stop over in Ireland and meet up with friends. When the invite came, it worked out perfectly. I could travel with family, see my Irish friends, and that sparked a longer trip.

On our first day we kind if just hung out. I think we were all exhausted from non-stop sightseeing. Hence, having a drink to chill out.


The next day my mom drove me out to Galway to the B&B we were staying at for the wedding. We parted ways there. I met up with my traveling buddy, Kirsten. Her and I did a big trip back when we were studying abroad, it seemed fitting we’d be at it again.


The wedding was wonderful. We asked a few questions about an Irish wedding and all of it sounded similar to an American one aside from the fact that it starts earlier and goes all night.


We were up until 5 in the morning dancing and talking with old and new friends.A highlight was this traditional irish dance we did at the wedding. it reminds us of that scene in Titanic where they were down in 3rd class dancing, stomping and spinning. At one point the groom’s father got a hold of me on a spin and sun me so fast I got a bit dizzy. That meant that we spent most of Saturday recovering from such an amazing night. On Saturday evening, we went out to the groom’s family pub for some low key fun. That one also went until the wee hours. Although an exhausting weekend, it was so great to see people, celebrate Maureen’s wedding and have the craic.


On Sunday we ventured out to Dublin for two nights. We stayed in Temple Bar. Which reminded me a bit of Bourbon Street with all the people being out all night, and puke on the street.


We met up with another Irish friend for drinks. We crawled around Dublin. Had the craic. We even went to a cocktail bad that made crazy drinks for 5euro. So cheap!



We opted to not go to the nightclub that night. Wedding weekend had done a number on us. The next day our friend, Clodagh took us out to our college town, Maynooth. We went around campus and saw our old apartments.



We sat out in the grass in the college green chatting with Clodagh about life. It was so nice to be able to chill out like the old data. We never did anything there, so lying in the grass without a care was pretty normal.

Then we went for a pint and dinner at our favorite pub, The Roost. We had dinner with our program director and shot the shut for a few hours. It was so great to be back even though so many things had changed.



I can’t wait to come back.

We head to Rome today for a quick visit before Croatia. We’ve been up since 3am for an early flight. our aerlingus friends tricked us into thinkIng we had to be there obscenely early. The airport want crowded at all! The trip has been amazing so far.


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