We did as the Romans did.

Rome. What a city! I’ve been there before about 9 years ago and swore I’d only go back for one reason. Although this city is filled with charm, history, all kinds of people and great wine, I couldn’t get past how dirty it was and the constant smell of urine. Sorry Rome, you’re on my not favorite list. Get comfy with Paris on the “don’t go back” list.

So, as I said I’d only go back for one reason and that was to see the Vatican museums, specifically the Sistine Chapel. You see, 9 years ago we opted to go to Pompei one day and the Vatican the next. Well, unbeknownst to us 3 catholic girls, that the day we were planning to go to the Vatican was the Epiphany and the Vatican is closed on holidays. So, Kirsten and I made a pact to come back.. Only for that (and maybe that pizza in the corner at that one place).

The day we got there we went to the Vatican. Kirsten’s good friend from college, Tif, is some amazing guide in Rome (seriously. She was voted guide of the year) and got us cheap tickets and a tour if the museum. This may sound awful, but aside from the history, I hate looking at art (I sound so uncultured). When I traveled years ago, all we did was go to museums and look at art and I think I became a little desensitized. I mean yeah, Da Vinchi, Michelangelo, and Goudi are great, but nope. Just tell me the history. Anyway, it was neat to hear the history about the Vatican and its art.



I didn’t sneak any pics of the Sistine chapel, but I did get some dirty looks. In the chapel you’re supposed to be silent. Well, it starts with people whispering and then it gets a little louder as people continue to file in. So the guard gets on the speaker and says in a deep, slow voice “silencio”. I immediately responded my quietly saying “that was God”. Kirsten could barely contain her giggles and the couple around us gave me a disapproving face. Whatever.

After the Vatican we went to back to our favorite place and got dinner.

20130711-153718.jpg Kirsten walked away with a waiter completely in love.

Then we went back and got ready to go out at our hostel. That hostel is another story, but it’s completely different from what it was years ago. We couldn’t have alcohol in the rooms and there was no common room or kitchen (there used to be both and it was encouraged to hang and drink). So, your only choice was the bar downstairs or leave and still pay to drink elsewhere. Well, I got a bottle of wine and with the help of Facebook I got it open by shoving the cork though. That chianti was gooooood. Then we went downstairs for drinks with every 18 year old ever. Also they put our bottle of wine in two cups. Whaaaa?


We were kind over that scene and went to bed. The next day we saw the colosseum, and the Fountain of Trevi before meeting up with our friend Tif for dinner.



Dinner with Tif was great. We had amazing food, awesome cocktails and some really nice wine.

She took is to The Drunken Ship where all the Americans go because there is beer pong. I lost. Kirsten also spent her 21st there when we were last on Rome. We also went to Cheap Bar where’ll the Saint Mary’s study abroad girls go.

Then she took us for a walk and toured us around. We saw Piazza Navona.

And the Pantheon


After that it was about 1am and Kirsten and I needed to get our slightly drink selves back to pack and get up at 5am to head to Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Thanks, Rome. Start cleaning yourself up and getting public toilets and I might come back.


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