Split, Zadar, and Zagreb

Split, Zadar, and Zagreb were the last three cities we went to in Croatia. My friend from home flew into Split the same day that we ferried from Hvar. We met her at the hostel and did a bit of exploring that night. We didn’t wander too far, but we saw some traditional Croatian dancing on our walk. The city was pretty cool, but definitely touristy. The next day, Jessie and I woke up early with intentions to ride bikes in the park. We woke up early, took the 20 minute walk to the park and found NO BIKES! Zero. None. So we walked. And walked. And Jessie for her feet into the Adriatic for the first time.


That afternoon we took a bus to the national park (more on that later).

Zadar. Oh Zadar and its beautiful sea organ. We didn’t spend much time there. As soon as we got in, we went to the store and bought two bottles of wine, bread, Pag cheese, and an assortment of meat. We found a wonderful spot at the sea organ and ate our dinner, drank wine and chatted.




Jeremy had to get up early to catch a flight so we called it around midnight. Jessie and I woke up early in search of bikes to ride around. We found them!

20130726-085541.jpg we rode around for a while and then tried to find Kirsten at the “sandy beach”. Jessie finally got to go swimming in the Adriatic and I got some sun. It was a good day.

Zagreb. Jessie and I had planned to spend only the evening there. We were supposed to catch a train to Budapest at 10am the following morning. On our mission to explore Zagreb , which is a wonderful city by the way, we ended up staying out until sunrise…

20130726-090112.jpg To no surprise to anyone, we missed our train. Whoops. After a minor melt down/freak out, the hostel people offered me a beer at 11am to make me feel better. While it did make me feel better, I spent the better part of the day napping on their couch.


We did finally wander the city.


The next morning Jessie and I caught our hellacious train to Budapest.

Croatia is easily my favorite country on this trip. I had a blast.


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