Plitvice Lake National Park

In between Zadar and Zagreb we spent a night outside the National Park in a bed and breakfast. It was a nice change from sharing rooms with multiple strangers and no air conditioning.

We woke up early to get into the park as soon as it opened. We chose the F route which was the “best” route and started our hike.

The trails in the morning were relatively uncrowded but got crowded as the day went on. We were up hill and down hill, staring at waterfalls, daring one another to push one in, and staring straight into the bottom if the lakes. The lakes are special because of their mineral content. The water is super clear because algae and most plants can’t grow. It’s really beautiful. So, I could sit here and talk about walking, but I’m just going to start the pictures (that’s what you want to see anyway).







If you eve go to Croatia, you have to go here. This is honestly one of the most beautiful places I’ve been.


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