Hvar…what a ride!

We skipped Korcula and stayed some extra days in Dubrovnik. So, when we finally made it to Hvar we were ready to party.

We spent the first night having dinner and checking out some of the bar scene. I think it may have been a little over our heads and we were downright exhausted, so we called it a night.

The next day we woke up and rented this monster of a boat. It had 5 horsepower and no ladder to get in it.



We also got a cooler, rafts, beers and lunch to help us through our journey through the Adriatic on a dingy. Oh! Another thing… The whole transaction was sketchy. The guy made me pay secretly, we signed nothing and put down no deposits. We could have sunk the dingy and walked swam away from it and nothing could have been done about it.

We had a great time on the boat. We found a little cove to swim in for a while



We left the cove because we were running out of beer and needed more. We trekked over to the island bar. Although kind of pricey, it was totally worth it.



We had mojitos and bought some beers for the rest of our “sailing” adventure. We headed over to another cove and made our late lunch of torn bread, cheese and salami.

20130724-083941.jpg we floated for a while and Kirsten and I swam over to some boats with American flags. They were not impressed. We decided to head back after that. We had all drank our weight in sea water (you thought I was going to say alcohol), and were ready to be out of the sun.

That night we ordered pizza and drank wine on our hostel terrace.

20130724-084208.jpgwe had to catch a mid-day ferry to split the next day.

About that ferry… Turns out that you have to book them a day ahead of time! We didn’t do that. So, we had to steal a cab from people that almost got Kirsten punched and booked it to the ferry over on the other side of the island. We are lucky we made it.

Hvar is pretty great. If you ever want to go, bring your wallet, sunscreen and be ready to party.