Family Time in Bristol

My grandma is from Bristol. She was born and raised there. She left when she was 19. She had met my grandfather, the G.I. Joe and moved to Montana where my mom was born. My grandma has been back, including living outside London when her second husband was stationed there in the Air Force. So, my mom also lived in England. It’s really cool to see them both come back to a place they lived.

We went to my great grandmother’s house, where my grandma grew up.

We went to the church where my grandma and grandpa were married, St. Lukes. We even saw the spot that they met.

We went to her mother’s old house where her aunt lives (her deceased uncle’s wife) and we got to meet her.

We went to cemeterys to see her mother’s memorial spot and her father’s grave. We couldn’t find it, but we are hoping to have a better location when we go back this week.

We stopped by Bath, but it was closed. I kept saying that everything is closed by 6. Especially on a Sunday.

So, we headed home and got Chinese takeout for the evening and relaxed.

The day was really good. The only thing that’s a little rough is driving on the wrong side other side of the road. It’s a bit stressful for the driver and the navigator. Ugh. No more, please.






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